ACT 2017  to the Best Short Piece 

2000 € plus an scolarship for a 15 days artistic residence in Baibaiua Artistic Creation Center, Bilbao, and participate in ACT 2018 with the new production.

For envisioning a unique universe which took the audience on an incredible journey of imagination, for an impeccable and surprising rhythm, for performing maturity, demanding choreography and all the charm, the ACT Prize 2017 goes to… Los Moñekos, for YI-HA

 ACT-DURI to the Best International Merging Artist 

In collaboration with the Duri Dance Theatre from Seul, Korea. The winner piece will be scheduled during the 2017-2018 programmation of the theatre with travel expenses and accomodation included.

For an original perspective on a universal human topic, for spontaneity, sincerity, shameless bodies and the freedom which made us want to go on stage and spill beer on ourselves, the ACT DURI Prize 2017 goes to… Angela y Koldo for Un cuerpo sinvergüenza.
ACT-BAD Bilbao

The winner company will be scheduled in BAD Festival (Bilbao Antzerki Dantza) in 2018. Travel expenses, accomodation and cachet stipulated by BAD, included.

For the creative potential of the whole collective, their authentic language and individual and honest expression of each performer and for a scary dystopian universe, and because Bilbao wants to see one more time the ACT BAD prize goes to… Unplush for  LABOR




For subversive and courageous deconstruction of the untouchable theatre patriarchal god and a minimalistic yet meticulous direction of the four actresses the best direction ACT 2017 goes to… Daria Kopiec

For layered, emotional acting of impressive maturity and a performing attitude witch breaks all glass ceiling, the best performer act 2017 mention goes to… Agata Rozycka for the role of Reagan in Lear´s Daughters

Bilbao, 2017/06/10

SELMA SPAHIC (Bosnia Herzegovina)

Artistic Contents Director in MESS FESTIVAL, Sarajevo, festival member of the international network of performing arts festivals, IYMA.



Dancer, coreographer,stage directer and dancer professor with a large international formation.



Artistic director, programmer, coreographer, actress and director of FICE Festival from Palmas, Tocantins.