A live multimedia show, dance and humor to inaugurate ACT Festival 2019

ACT International Festival for Emerging Performing Artists starts tomorrow, May 29, its XVI edition with the inauguration at Kafe Antzokia at 8:00 pm. The session will be threefold, with the exhibition of two award-winning pieces and the first work that is presented to the contest in ACT, ‘The Rose’, by Noémie Cuérel, in which the Swiss emulates a well-known singer from the 60s.

The night will start the 16th of the festival with the human computer Kulu Orr and his piece ‘Control Freak’, winner of the ACT Award at the BE Festival in Birmingham. A show by a single artist that fuses humor, live music, circus, cutting-edge technology and interaction with the audience. The Korean company Yang Han Bi will also perform with ‘Trigger Warning’, a dance piece that won the ACT 2018 award.

The students of BAI, Bizkaia Scenic Training Center, will present the festival with ‘Riscos’, a short action that wants to collect the main idea of ​​the festival this year: the risk. To finish, public and artists are invited to canapés and music at the Kafe Antzokia.

The other pieces are part of the exhibition section, composed of the winning piece of last year, from the company Yang Han Bi, and its a new proposal for this year. Also participating is the piece ‘Control Freak’ of the winner of the ACT award at BE Festival. The Guggenheim session on Saturday, June 1, also hosts two exhibition pieces, these are selected by the SHIFTKEY program. This program, supported by Europa Creativa, is an ACT Festival project with International Theater Festival Mess (Sarajevo), Short Theater (Rome), BE Festival (Birmingham) & ITS Festival (Amsterdam). This section is completed by two short pieces by Bizkaiko Antzerki Ikastegia, the festival’s organizing center. Both works talk about violence – of mistreatment and war – and are interpreted by the last-year students of the center.

The Rose Trigger Warning Control Freak