ShiftKey, the project of the international network of festivals, fills the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum

‘Légende’, by Frenchman Romain Beltrão Teule & Supercabras, and ‘Moore Bacon!’, by Belgian Boose Provoost & Kobe Chielens / pollen, were the two pieces selected by the ShiftKey project to participate in ACT Festival 2019. The session had place in the Auditorium of Guggenheim Bilbao Museum with more than a hundred attendees, in the TOPARTE program framework.

The ShiftKey project aims to boost companies that are at an intermediate stage of their career. For this, ACT Festival 2019 has also organized tutorials for participating companies with Steve Purcell, producer and professor of Leeds Beckett Unversity, and a course given by Sra. Polaroiska, ‘Camera and body’. ShiftKey, supported by Creative Europe, has been driven by the international network of festivals in which ACT Festival participates since its founding in 2003.


Bosse Provoost & Kobe Chielens / de polen / Belgium / 50′ / Dance

A body is torn apart and assumes impossible shapes: it stretches, contracts, and bursts apart, only to subsequently present itself to us in a new shape. Moore Bacon! constantly tricks the spectator’s eye. Every perception is an act of creation.


Romain Beltrão Teule & Supercabras / France / 30′ / Performance

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What exists / What happens in the space (-time?) between the translation and the object that it comes from / the translated object? ‘Légende’ is a project that borrows the code of the conference/lecture to speak about the above question. It takes as its starting point the study of the fictional ‘language of the birds’ and the questions that the study of this language can create. ‘Légende’ is an attempt to enter in the world of words; to play with them and to question them. What are their powers? Where do they fail? A word as an act.

Mentoring breakfasts 121 for ACT companies

Steve Purcell / UK

Steve Purcell is professor and freelance producer. Mentoring meetings of the companies participating in ACT 2019 with professor and producer Steve Purcell in a 121 breakfast.

Kamera eta gorputza – Camera and body – Cámara y cuerpo

Sra. Polaroiska / Euskal Herria / 4h

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Sra. Polaroiska aims to work using the camera and the body in search of other ways to try and understand our surroundings; approaching a subject, hovering around it, and defining certain rules for the game. Creating a laboratory where letting things get out of control, where living on the margins, on the edge, where curiosity, desire and the possibility that everything can be different, can become reality.

Elssie Ansareo

Sra. Polaroiska. Foto: Elssie Ansareo