ACT Festival Internacional de Escena Emergente

El Festival ACT promueve desde 2004 a artistas emergentes internacionales que, con sus propuestas innovadoras, están definiendo la escena del futuro.

Cuatro días para experimentar las artes vivas, asistiendo a espectáculos, cursos, talleres o sesiones de reflexión en los tres escenarios del festival: Guggenheim Bilbao Museoa, Kafe Antzokia y Teatro Barakaldo.

ACT es un concurso de creadores, un espacio de encuentro entre artistas y público, y una reconocida feria de artes escénicas que reúne a programadores de todo el mundo.

Organiza BAI Antzerki Eskola.

ACT Festival forma parte también de una red internacional de festivales que busca promover a aquellos artistas que están comenzando. Forma esta red junto a BE Festival de Birmingham, ITs Festival de Ámsterdam, SHORT Theatre de Roma y MESS Festival de Sarajevo.

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  1. Pablo

    Hola! Somos de Argentina y nos gustaría participar del Festival!
    Nos pueden mandar las bases? Gracias!

  2. TransLímite AE



  3. Tymofij Binjukov

    Theatre company – «Variant» («Варіант»)
    Ukraine, Kharkiv city

    Perfomance “Mauno”
    Based on the dramatic monologue Andrus Kivirähk “Chicken of the primer”

    The premiere took place on June 1, 2016 in the Kotlyarevsky University of Arts

    Genre – Tragicomedy, a solo performance
    Сhronometry 85 min

    Director by Tymofij Binjukov

    Soundtrack by Ludovico Einaudi

    The link to the review of our performance

    Promotional video:

    This is a chamber play, for a small audience and on a small stage. The light should be simple, white, minimal and it ‘s necessary to shine a space about 6 squire meters. The sound equipment is not necessary. Music will be switched on by an actor. We need simple chair with a backrest. It’s important that the actor should be able to put head between backrest and sitting place.
    The stage should be on the same level as audience, without rise, because the actor will contact with the audience.

    Our cities are enormous. They are thousands of houses and hundreds of gardens . In every garden there live people who are rushing to work, come home, swearing in an apartment, kissing on the playground, always go somewhere, and constantly rush-rush-rush and among them there is a guy names Mauno. He was not in a hurry, he has nowhere to hurry he spent whole days at his window. The city scares him he does not know what is on the outside of his court, but he knows what’s going on in the garden. He knows everyone, it helps in the work. Before coming to town Mauno lived in a small village in a cozy house with his grandmother, but this life was not easy. Mauno mentally retarded. He endured a lot of injustice and ridicule. After the death of his grandmother Uncle Paul took him to the city. Uncle Paul became an advocate and mentor of Mauno.
    Paul’s uncle gave him a job, but not quite normal. Mauno has a good memory, he can perfectly remember people, where they go, when they return, go there for the night and how long they are absent and whether they buy something new and expensive. This is his job – to remember and to inform Uncle Paul in time about it, so he could easily rob their apartments, Mauno also received small presents from burglary flats, but it is often trinkets. And one night, Uncle Paul did not come alone, he dragged the corpse to preserve one day. “How did this man die?” – Asks fearfully Mauno, “It so happened” – responds with indifference Uncle Paul. Mauno is scared, he understands that they are doing dirty deeds, but he is well learned to negotiate with his conscience: “Even though we are poor people, but also want to live.” Mauno is still the good guy who wants “under the wing”, because there has to be very warm and good under the wing. Little life of the little man on the backdrop of a huge world.

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