ACT International Festival for Emerging Performing Artists

ACT, International Festival for Emerging Performing Artists, has been runed by BAI, Theatre School of Bizkaia, since 2004.

ACT  is a point of reference not only for emerging artists of the Performing Arts and professionals but also for the public in general. Opened to the new scenic tendencies, ACT organizes and promotes the training, the international interrelationships and the new works in three spaces: Kafe Antzokia, Guggenheim Bilbao Museum and Barakaldo Theater. ACT is a launching pad of new scenic works, and there for promotes its contest section, as well as the meeting and the interchange between the participants.

Besides the program of performances to contest and exhibition, the festival offers spaces in which one can learn and share experiences in extended culturally diverse environments, such as the lunch and dinner times as well as the nights of the festival. All of this shapes a space of meeting that has been evolving year after year.

Organized by BAI Antzerki Eskola.

ACT Festival is involved in an international festivals network to promote emerging performing artists, with BE Festival from Birmingham, ITs Festival from Amsterdam, SHORT Theatre from Rome and MESS Festival from Sarajevo.

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  1. Christian Stejskal


    My name is Christian Stejskal, I am a Norwegian-Austrian violin player, photographer and story teller. I have spent the last 5 years working on a multimedia performance which I would like to offer your festival.

    The multimedia performance «My Neighborhood» is the story about my pilgrimage on foot from Vienna where I was born, first to Jerusalem and then to Axum in Northern Ethiopia. On this two year journey I met the “Zabaleen”-Cairo’s informal garbage collectors in the so-called “Garbage City” in Cairo. After finishing my walk in Axum I moved in to the “Garbage City” and lived with the “Zabaleen” while at the same time working as a violin-player at the Cairo Opera House. The last 5 years I have been photographing the garbage collectors as well as writing short stories about life in the “Garbage City”, this work has been supported by the «Freedom of Expression Grant « and a grant from the Astrup/Fearnley foundation, both in Norway. This work will also culminate in to a photo book with texts published by the Kontur publishing House in Norway in 2017.

    In my multimedia performance I take the audience on a colorful and personal journey, first from Vienna to Axum, and then through my encounters with seven different people living in the “Garbage City”, about their joys, their struggles, their tragedies, and their small triumphs in life. In telling my stories I use narration, show pictures on a screen, and play music which I have composed myself on the violin as well as some Arabic music (also on the violin). The duration of the performance is approximately 85 minutes.

    This spring I have been touring Norway, playing «My Neighborhood» in 35 concerts in cultural houses, libraries, church concerts, secondary schools and museums, among them the prestigious Preus Photo museum in Horten.
    Autumn 2016 I have played a series of concerts in Scotland, I am adding a review from a performance at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh;

    My Neighbourhood (Christian Stejskal) | ThreeWeeks Edinburgh
    ED2016 4/5 Reviews ED2016 Art & Events Reviews My Neighbourhood (Christian Stejskal) By Jane Berg | Published on Sunday 28 August 2016. Christian Stejskal has …

    Please view an excerpt from my performance in English;


    My Neighborhood – the Zabaleen-project, by Christian Stejskal

    You are also welcome to visit my homepage;


    I hope that «My Neighborhood» will fit into your program.

    Kind regards,
    Christian Stejskal

  2. pakdaman esmail

    Hello my dear friend Ismail am and from Iran

    My colleagues and I have plans to travel to all Europe by car and perform and dance and folk music in all parts of Europe
    My question to you is whether I am able to participate in the festival you have not please guide me I’m in Iran in the field of modern dance and theater activities

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