BAI broadens its International activities this year.

Alumni and staff from BAI will travel to Holland, England and Italy to work.

BAI Bizkaiko Antzerki Ikastegia Center for Performing Arts Trainning, will have an intense International activity this year.

We will start with the exchange we have with THOPSS Musical Theatre School in Amsterdam . Like every year Tessel Beek,  teacher from this school, visited BAI to teach an intensive workshop of singing for actors, and recently our teacher Olatz Gorrotxategi has visited Amsterdam to give an Acting workshop. Shortly, Saioa Bañales and Nerea Wright, students from BAI, will travel to Amsterdam through a students exchange. Durng three weeks, they will attend classes, and in May three students from THOPSS will come to BAI to attend classes with us for 3 weeks.

IMG-20150312-WA0001 - copia

Saioa and Nerea will spend two weeks in the musical theatre school THOPSS in Amsterdam.

Besides, and as a result of years of work done together, BAI and  Leeds Beckett University offer 5 grants to complete a summer course at this university,  Devising Performance Intensive Summer School. Those grants cover the 1.500 fee and the stay for 13 days of the students.

At last, a large group of students will go to Bari, Italy in september, to take part in the European Project EUROPERA, in which german, italian and basque young people will live together during two weeks sharing experiences and work methods.

Gorliz 2014

CAVE TALES (2014) A project about European Myths

Furthermore, we also have ACT Festival, International New Makers Festival and the IYMA network that comprehends similar festivals and  promotes mobility among new makers in Europe.

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