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BAI, The school

BAI is a center supported and funded by the Basque Government, City Council of Barakaldo and Bilbao, and the Regional Goverment of Biscay.  It also collaborates with the Barakaldo Theatre and the Cultural Arts Centers, where the school gives some clases.

Fees of the courses are always a deposit. There is no monthly payment.


In May interested applicants will be contacted by the school.
The fee for the pre-registration is 50 € and it will be extracted from the total fee of the course.
If we cannot accept you in the course, we will refund the amount of the pre-registration.
Full course

October to June. Subjects around 4 areas: acting, body, voice and theory.

1500 €/Course: 50 € de pre-registration and 3 instalments: June (450 €), October  (500€) and December (500€)


  • To be over 16
  • 5 week days, 10.00 to 14.00 h
  • 5 days assistance compulsory.
  • 3 years of training and a 4th year of theatrical production.

Personal interview

Once the reservation fee has been paid, we will contact the applicants to arrange an individual  interview. The order of pre-registration will also influence in the admissions.


Children Classes 

Those workshops are for children from 5 to 16.
They will be taught in Basque or Spanish depending on the group


10.00 to 12.00 (ages 8 to 11 and 12 to 16)
12.00 to 10.00 (ages 5 to 7)

With Plan Gaztedi Kutxabank 
35 € per month Or 280 € for the whole year (2 installments of 140 € in October and 140 € December).
Without Plan Gaztedi Kutxabank 
45 € per month
Or 320 € the whole course (2 installments of 160 € in October and 160 € December).



The open acting workshops for adults are specially directed to those willing to approach the experience of the theatre but have tight schedules and time. It is a fun way to make a first contact with clear objective towards a deeper understanding of the theatrical language.

  • The registration is for the full year; October to June.
  • Registration is open until February as long as there is a place available.
  • There will be a compromise of assistance with the rest of the class.
  • End of studies depending on the compromise taken by the group
  • Requirements: To be over 6.


2 possible timetables: 
Friday evening (17:00 to 20:00) 
Saturday morning (12:00 to 14:00)

October to June. Acting and physical theatre.


To be over 16. 

Registrar open till February.

Friday 17.00-20.00. 
65 € month. 
Or 480 € in 2 installments: October (2410 €), and December (240 €) 
Saturday 12.00-14.00. 
50 € per month 
Or 360 € in 2 installments: October (180 €), and December (180 €)

Intensive Courses in February

Week intensive courses will have different teachers and contents.


To be over 16
Workshops are usually 10 hrs. and occasionally may be 20 hrs.