Moon Productions

Moon is a professional theatre production project.  Under Fer Montoya’s direction,  Moon has produce two shows up to date:

  • La voz humana, Jean Cocteau (dance-theatre)
  • Esto no es un Cabaret (original play, musical theatre)

We’re now working on the third show of the company, Sisters, based on a text by Fer Montoya. It tells the dark story of two sisters, one of them handicapped and the other one just obsesed with the film What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? The show transports the viewer to a gloomy and awkward space, throughout a fine and deep acting work. Maite Agirre, Justi Larrinaga and Olatz Gorrotxategi are the actresses in charge of getting that aim. A story about women, relationships and violence.

The premiere of the play will be hold in the Arriaga Theater of Bilbao the 11th and 12th of November. It will be played again in the Barakaldo Theater (colaborator in the production of the piece), the Alhondiga of Bilbao and some other theaters.



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