A school with an international focus

BAI, Bizkaiko Antzerki Ikastegia, has been invited to attend several festivals around Spain and Europe with different theatre productions.

Theatre productions from BAI have tour in FUT de Guadalajara and in the festival SKENA UP de Pristina (Kosovo) winning the NEW SPIRIT within this last festival.

It was also invited to attend the Olive in Tel Aviv.

BAI has also been a guest in FIST de BelgradoNSDF de Scarborough and in ITs de Amsterdam.

We have given scholarships consisting of travels, stays and studies to different students of the course, rewarding their perseverance, dedication and good theatre making manners. Two 4th year students in Cracow, two 3rd year students in Kerala (India)  during a month and a half working on a theatrical project at the Kathakali School, and three 4th year students in an international tour around the different European festivals which were part of the Marathon network, FIST Belgrade, NSDF Scarborough, ITS Amsterdam, SKENA UP Kosovo….

Different students have done exchanges with Tadeusz Kantor Crikoteka in Cracow, and several collaborative projects with the Central Saint Martin’s in London and WAAPA in Perth, australia. 

From 2009, we also collaborate with the Musical Theatre School THOPSS in Amsterdam, exchanging teachers and students every year.

We have also participated in Italy and Germany in the Cave Tales, EurOpera and Foreing Bodies projects.