Drama studies

Drama Studies / Acting

  • Work areas: body, voice, theory and acting
  • 20 hours weekly
  • 3 years of continuous training
  • 4th practical year  / End of studies show
  • Ongoing and individual evaluation of the process
  • Assistance is compulsory
  • Timetable: Monday to Friday / 10:00 to 14:00
Theory and practice combine in the drama studies at BAI. Shows will be a mainstream practice every year.

One of the most attractive ways to approach learning is practice on stage. Every course or group in the school will experience the process of making a theatre production; every year the school structures a programme of subjects in which the presentation of theatre pieces is constant. This way, creativity and imagination walk through parallel pathways alongside with technic and training.

The fourth year of studies in the one in which experience is complete through rehearsals, group work, devising performances in every area, costume design, scenography, building a character and performing the graduation show, adapting it to the surrounding performing spaces and venues. Assistance as well as a continuous presentation of work will be key in order to pass the two four month terms in which the school year is divided. Monitoring of students will be evaluated following a personalised attention and on an ongoing basis.

Within the programme of studies we strengthen a comprehensive formation that is defined by the traditional training in acting along with directing studies, creative writing, dramaturgy… which shapes the actor’s work, key areas of which a basic understanding should be achieved at the end of the performing arts studies.

  • Body area
  • Voice area
  • Theory area
  • Acting area
Requirements to access the complete course: 
Personal interview 
Be over 16 years old.

We don’t hinder the access so any interested person can join our school, as long as we have places available.  We believe auditions don’t necessarily reflect the aptitudes of those applying, which is the reason why we don’t do them. First of all, because we think  the state in which the student is while doing an audition it is not very objective therefor difficult to evaluate, and second of all, because we think it is a presentation, and for BAI Theatre School, to learn and share it is the aim, and not so much showing what we already know.

At the end of the course, a studies certificate guaranteed by the institutions supporting the school will be given; Basque Government, City Council of Barakaldo and the Regional Government of Biscay. The drama students from BAI have complete their studies along the years through exchanges with schools from London (UK) and Amsterdam (Holland), as well as grants to study in Krakow (Poland) or Kerala (India). Those are usual collaborations that BAI has kept along the years with entities such as the Cricoteka in Poland, Leeds Met University, or the Musical Theatre School in Amsterdam Thopss. Every year Thopss exchanges teachers and students. Actually, the school collaborates with the Asociación de Teatro Dispar in Berlin organizing different projects for the students.

In the advance courses, students show both the end of studies production as well as their own personal project, opting with those last ones to the selection of ACT Festival. (International Short Pieces Festival, organized by BAI)

Along the years many students have been selected to tour around the diferent European festivals ACT collaborates with:

ITs Festival Amsterdam (Holland), Sektani/Encounter Brno (Chequia),  Skena Up Prishtina (kosovo), Batard Brussels (Belgium), Short Theatre Roma (Italia), BE Festival Birmingam (United Kingdom), etc.